Thursday, October 5, 2017

The Fur Babies that Likes to GO!

Before my fibro kicked up 
the last  5 years and got worse I
was a goer!
Always very social. 
Not so much these days.

But with me being a goer,
I worked full time
Dakota learned that when 
I showered, started getting
dressed, doing makeup...etc
he knew I was going somewhere.

It was a given that through the 
week when getting ready for 
work he would be going.
For those that do not know,
Dakota would go to my mom's
house everyday while I worked and 
played with her dogs. 

But weekends were different cause
I did not wake to an alarm and
I did not jump up to get ready.
So when I started getting ready
he knew. 

Sometimes he wants to be
sure that he is going to be
going so he would want out
and he would go sit
behind my car....

Retirement totally confused him!

Dakota sitting at the end of the d
drive behind the car...waiting
to go. 

Then comes Lily....
Shortly after getting her I took
her to a friends house to meet them.
Then another time to mom's to meet
her dogs. My daughter who 
works for vet told me, "mom
most people don't take their
cats places"! Then I learned
that cats don't general like to ride.

A month or so ago I was headed to
Sonic for lunch. I always let Dakota
ride on these trips. We went to the car
and I looked up and there was Lily looking
out the window at us. She had that
look on her face that told me she
did not understand why she was
not going. I went back in and 
put her in the carrier. 
She rode to Sonic with us.

Since that time I have house sat
for my brother several times and
I take Lily with me. 

Leaving my brothers house last
Sunday I put the carrier on the 
floor, tapped on the top and 
told Lily, "lets go bye bye"!
She came and got in the carrier.

Thinking that was once in a life
time thing. But....yesterday
I was going to Exxon and told
Dakota he could GO.
Lily being in the kitchen heard
that word and came running.
She jumped over her carrier
that I leave in the livingroom
and headed for the door. I laughed
but thought okay, lets try this.
I tapped on the top of the carrier
and said, "bye bye"...she
got in. So Lily got to ride to 
Exxon with us!

When I took her to the vet 
for her leg a couple months ago 
I let her out in the livingroom,
leaving the carrier sitting there with 
the door open. She would go inside
sometimes during the day to
nap. My daughter told me
that was good cause she would
not think the carrier was just
used for the VETS office
and be afraid to go in.

Both my babies are


  1. and this is an amazing story. I told bob about Lily liking to ride and said isn't that strange? he said remember Barbara and her husband had 2 cats that rode in their 18 wheeler with them. I had forgotten that. so I assume some cats love to go/ride

  2. Wow this blog has taken off with many posts, just been catching up.
    I so miss our animals so I will adopt your blog I think and enjoy Dakota and Lily. Take care Diane

  3. My cat Luna (passed away in August 2014 ~sob~) had a harness she wore exactly once before pulling a Houdini and getting loose in the car. Our two remaining girls hate travel and only leave home for vet visits. I am so glad you get to enjoy travel with sweet Lily. Getting her accustomed at a young age probably helped. Well done! Be well.

  4. I've never heard of a cat who voluntarily got in a carier like that. Lily is pretty amazing.


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