Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Morning Play / Night Time Nap / I Want to Go

This morning while BLOGGING
Lily decided that Dakota
needed to get up.

So right on top of me and 
my laptop she decided it 
was time to play.


Last night after play time
I looked over to see this.

Then true to form Lily
did her moving and flipping.
She had to touch him.

(in the pics you will notice that
Dakota does not have on his
red collar. He has a large 
skin tag right where it rubs.
Matter of fact, he has about
10 to 15 skin tags on his 
body and two fatty 

A few post ago I posted that Lily
would jump in the carrier when
I asked did she want to bye bye. 
I have created a MONSTER. 
She has gotten where she goes
to the door when she knows
I am going somewhere.
She wants to go.

 I started out the door
yesterday and this is what
I was facing.

Upon asking her to move
I get the pic below.

If a moth that had come in the night
before had not flown by I would
have had to pick her up and move
her. But....as it was, her attention
span being so short, she took
off after the moth.

Dakota on the other hand 
knew he was not going and
he retreated to the bedroom.

AH.....life with the fur babes!


  1. so odd she loves to go.. but fun. I love all the pics of them sleeping like this... in your house it is 'it is best to let sleeping dogs/cats lie... lol. Jake has 5 tumors and half dozen tags, so did Baby Girl. they get those as they age.

  2. Beautiful photos they are just so cute together. Cheers Diane

  3. Sorry about Dakota's skin issues. My cat Tilly has some sort of warts all over her, though her fur hides them from view despite a thinning outer coat leaving her rather scruffy looking, the poor old dear. I'm told it's unusual for cats to get warts. Who knows? She doesn't act like the typical feline, anyway, so we've had our suspicions about her parentage. ~grin~ So glad you liked the joke I shared on my blog. I believe you and I would get along famously, Pam, though perhaps get into trouble outdoing one another! So glad you can relax. I would miss being in my own home with that darling 'king' of a dog to keep me and his best kitty friend company. They're too adorable and blessed to have you.


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