Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Life in the Beginning with Dakota

Dakota came to live with 
me in August ten years ago. 

He became my shadow.
He followed me from room 
to room, right under my feet.

HAHA...he even would tap
the back on my leg if I was not
moving as fast as he was.

The week I started painting
on my kitchen and was having 
a really hard time getting it done
cause I had a dog under foot. 

I chained him up outside, out back
where the kitchen is. He barked and 
barked. I brought him up on the deck,
blocking the steps so that he would
stay on there. I looked out when
I heard him bark and there he
was in the back yard. 

Crap....so I took his leash, tied him
up on the deck with a bone and 
toys. I missed him when I  looked
out and there he was, hanging
about a foot and a half off the 
side of the deck. He was not
chocking because he stopped
himself by digging his claws into
the side of the deck. 

If I had not been afraid that he
would hang himself, I would have
ran in and got the camera!
But so afraid he would not last
long hanging like that I ran out
and got him!

That could have turned out so differently
but I have to say, it has made
me laugh through the years
since he was not hurt. 

Little did I know what my
life would be like with him
in it. 

He became my best bud!

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