Thursday, October 19, 2017

Lily - Sleeping / Running / Peek a Boo

Last night Lily crawled
up on the couch between
the KING and I. I can't 
help snapping her pic cause
she is just so adorable!

Look at this sweet baby.

She flips around a lot.
If you notice she has that one
paw tucked up on her head! glad I caught this pic.
She was asleep with her eyes open 
and look at that paw. 
Looks like she is suffering
the worst hangover!

At my brothers house now...
house/bird/dog sitting. 
At my home Lily knows she
is not allowed on the table...
but there we don't have a bird
on the table either.

Lily is so interested in TJ
but TJ is not having anything
to do with her.
And Lily don't hang
around long enough for 
TJ to get a beak into her.

Lily loves playing peek a boo.
Here she is doing it in the tub.

She jumped out and if you notice 
she is reaching out with her paw
to wrap it around the cell phone!
haha...such a mess.

Lily says thanks for coming 
over to visit her, 


  1. LOVE the hangover, and she looks like she is getting fuzzier and softer, her little paws are so cute. I would like to cuddle her. does she cuddle?

  2. She really is soooooo cute and I love that shot with her paw over her head. Take care Diane


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