Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Adopting Lily (TigerLily)

I finally decided that Dakota
did need a playmate at home
and I  decided on a kitten 
for him....which by the way
was a big leap cause neither 
him or I have ever been around
a kitten. 

I then had to locate one.
I wanted a short hair, female
and once I put it on FB that is what 
I wanted a friend told me about
Country K9 Rescue that they had
just taken in about 50 kittens. 

I found out with a text to a 
woman with K9 that she had
3 females that were ready for
homes and they had been fostered
with dogs. 

I was to meet her the next day
at PetSmart. 
When I got there she was removing
kittens from crates and putting them
in a larger fence like crate on a table.
I told her who I was  as she was putting
kittens in the crate.. I was standing at
the left hand corner of that said crate and 
even though she had put a couple of
males in the crate they proceeded to 
start playing, ignoring me.
But she put the first female in
and she came right over to where 
I was standing. The lady then handed
me a beautiful soft gray and white 
female. I petted on her but my eyes
did not leave that first female. 
I told her I really wanted to see
that one. As it was Lily adopted
me so I had to take her home.

And look at that face!

Dakota was at mom's when we got
home so Lily did not know at the 
time that she would have a brother....
and on the flip side, he did not
know after 10 yrs I brought a 
KITTEN in this house!

I was afraid how it would go but
mom delivered him home, he came
in, sniffed at Lily and with in
two days they were playing. 

I really don't think it would have 
gone this well if I had brought
a puppy, dog or full grown cat
in our home. 

It was a great match for
Dakota and I. 
We love our Lily Bit. 

Come back again for more interesting
stories on these two. 


  1. a brother sister duo made in heaven. perfect fit for all 3 of you. and she is adorabe

  2. Her face is precious. So happy it worked out well for all of you! Animals are funny.....our dog accepted all of our cats but one. It took one whole year before he decided she was ok!

  3. Aw, that sweet little face looking up to you. Who could refuse that.

  4. What a lovely family. ~hugs~ Be well!


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