Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Silly Little Lily Bird in a Cage / Nap Time

Sitting in my brothers great room
at an antique round table in an
antique chair, in front of the 
TV, with the laptop in front of
me....my back to the 
windows where the bird
cages are......

when all of a sudden TJ starts
making a crap load of noise.
First off, what was I thinking 
by having my back to a bird that
don't even like me!? 

I turn to see what the problem
is and why he is making
such a fuss.

When I see this.

Yep...that is Lily in the cage.
Keep in mind, the bird for this
cage stays on top of it...never
in it!
But the doors stay open just
in case he decides to go in.

Lily was looking to eat 
anything that he might have

I was having to try and talk 
her out cause when I went
near the door to reach in 
and get her....
he would act like he
was going to peck
my head!


Lily finally decided to jump out
and I shut both doors to stop
her from jumping in again.
TJ can be really, really loud!

With all that said, I noticed things
were really quiet around me.
I look and this is what I see.

Chole asleep in one chair.

Dakota in the other.

Oakley at my feet.

Maggie on the couch.

Moose went to NC with mom and dad.

Even the BRAT was not making 

Lola had stopped singing and 
making my day by whistling 
at me. 

And Lily was asleep in her spot. 

Thinking I need to go take a nap!

Thanks for checking on the fur babies!


  1. I love these pictures, Pam! That Lily is a funny little cat. It was cooler today and I'll admit I took a short nap too!

  2. it sounds like you have your hands full. and yes, a nap is in order!!

  3. now that is a lot of critter napping and also critter sitting by you.... they all look so sweet and that include silly lily in the bird cage

  4. Ha ha sound like a noisy few moments followed by complete peace!! have a good day Diane

  5. Characters, all. Thanks for sharing.


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