Monday, October 16, 2017

Fur Sheldon

Who watches the Big Bang Theory?
I love it. 
So funny.

Well, I ask that question so that 
you might be able to
understand Dakota a tad
You see, Dakota is the fur version 
of Sheldon.

He is so set in his ways (or was pretty much
BL - Before Lily)

He don't like change.
He don't like anyone in his spot.
He has his routine and don't like it messed
He is self centered.
Life has to be centered around him.
He is demanding.
And he is very smart.

With all that said, things have started to 
change since Lily. 

He has his end of the couch....don't
like me sitting there, just
like Sheldon.

He don't like me to move furniture,
 Sheldon don't like
things moved from their original place.

He don't like taking new routes to 
granny's house. 
He likes one way and one
way only!

He knows when 2pm rolls around and
it is lunch time. Goodness forbid I am
napping or doing something.
He knows when it is treat time in 
the evening and he will HOUND (haha)
me till I get up and get the treats.

If I am not moving fast enough
for him he grunts like a pig
at me. 

He is my Sheldon.

And I love him just the way he is.
He is my bud, my best
friend. He has taken care of me
when I have been sick and had surgery, 
He has helped out of the woods when I 
took a hike and got lost.
He loves his mom!

Dakota will soon be 11 yrs old
and I worry about him. I worry
about the day I will no longer
have him. I used to say that 
when he was gone they would have 
to dig the whole big enough
for us I have 
Lily to stay around and 
take care of. 

But I love my bud!


  1. Never heard of Big Bang Theory but I love Dakota. Diane

  2. I love Big Bang and Sheldon also.. it is because I am just like Sheldon and Dakota, except for the really smart part. what you described is me to a t....


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