Friday, October 6, 2017

Learning Cat Ways and Vegging on the Deck

Being a dog person all my life
I have had fun learning about 
cats the last 4 months. 

When I first got Dakota he would
come in the bathroom while I showered
but never sat on the side of the tub while
I soaked in a warm tub of water!

I keep Lily's dry food in the 
downstairs bathroom where
her litter box is cause I have
a baby gate there so Dakota
can't get in and eat the 
or dry food!

Every time I go to sit in there....
you know, to go the bathroom
Lily comes in to eat!
If I have a day where I drink the 
amount of water we all should
drink she would be fat as a hog!

Here is a pit this morning of
her watching me brush my

Dogs are not near as 
curious as a cat I have

Check out my deck buddies.
Dakota is going to stay stuck
to his mom like glue and 
will not venture from my side.

Can you tell after all the years
of him having to be a model 
for the times I played with the
camera.....he hates it!?

Now here is Lily, loves
laying on the grill 
facing the creek and bird


And here are my two buddies
while we sat on the deck last
night and I read!

Dakota and Lily would like to thank 
everyone that comes to read
about them on their 


  1. Lovely post again and I love reading about them both as they are now such good friends. Woof, mew, Diane

  2. Lily is just so darn cute, she loves the camera. Dakota is like Jake, he wishes it would go away. I don't take many pics of Jake because they all look the same, him turning his head away from the camera. Lily soaks it up... Jake goes with me everytime I potty and stand between my legs to get petted. last month I was in the shower and he got in and scared me silly. now I have to shut the door to keep him out of the shower. he loves a hot shower, that is how I bathe him and did that today. love the look of the 3 of you reading


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