Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Bird Watching

A year ago I decided that since
I was retired I needed
to have my deck screened in
so I could enjoy it better.

Screening it allows me to sit out
without being eaten alive by
from the creek 
and the evening sun
baring down on me. 

Little did I know that I would 
get Lily and she would love
the screened in deck.

Since its fall the temps
and humidity have not been
bad I am able to leave the 
kitchen door open so Lily can
come and go as she please.

This is her bird watching.

 Love how she just rest her paws on 
the ledge and looks out.

The visitors to the feeder are
Black Capped Chick-a-dees, 

Lots of Tufted Titmouse.

Not really sure what this is ...
might be a female Titmouse.

Male Cardinal.

I walked out to check on Lily
the other day and she was 
sitting there, still and staring
out into the yard. 
I called her name but she 
would not even look my way.
I looked out in the yard and 
saw this guy on the shed. 

This guy would grab her and take
her off in a minute...hence
the reason why she is a house


  1. I wish the cats around here were house cats, they are a pest to 'my' birds in the garden as is the occasional sparrowhawk that zaps some of the little birds. It has never attacked a cat though to my knowledge!!Cheers Diane

  2. She has such a sweet face. We once lived in a house with a screened in porch and the cats just loved it. I wish we still had one to enjoy, especially in Autumn and spring. That hawk is scary - my little dog only weight 8 lbs, so we have to be careful with him too.
    Hope you have a pleasant evening.

  3. Lily is adorable! And I love that birdfeeder. Thanks for all the nice comments on my blog.

  4. not sure how I missed this one, me thinks Lily might like to 'play' with those birds


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