Tuesday, October 10, 2017

The Monkey

Dakota has never been one that likes
to play catch or fetch. 
But he loves toys.
He loves to chew on them,
a few years back he had a monkey
that he loved so much. 

He loved his monkey......
until the monkey was no 

Such a mess.....the floor and the dog!


  1. I love the snarling dog imitation. made me laugh, we have had many monkeys, bears, elephants go the same way as yours

  2. The puppy my parents got a few years ago never destroys her stuffed animals. It's quite amazing. Meanwhile, my middle brother taunted our sweet mixed breed dog Trixie with my toys so that she would tear into them. I love him, but he sure was a jerk in our youth.

  3. Ha ha we had a beagle who loved squeaky toys and he drove us mad with them. Dog number 2 seemed to also hate them as he used to rip them apart to get the squeaker out. It was so funny watching the antics, Cheers Diane

  4. I love the action shots! lol Our dog loves his toys too, but they have to squeak. His favorite is a purple dragon.


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