Monday, October 9, 2017

Always Entertaining

Lily is always so entertaining.

In the pic below you see that 
Lily found an opening hole
in the blanket that I keep for
Dakota to cover up with 
on cooler mornings on the 

Yes, she crawled up into the 
hole and came out
this way!

HAHA...the pic
below its like Dakota
is looking at her and saying,
"you just think you are so 
cute, don't you?"

They make my heart sing.
And they love bringing a smile
to your face.


  1. you will never be bored again in your life. Life with Lily is a hoot

  2. Beautiful photos and they would both make my heart sing if they were mine. Keep well Diane

  3. Hilarious that you got a picture of this. I love it!


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