Monday, January 29, 2018

Food Bowls

Just look at this sweet sweet and innocent.

Yeah, right!

Remember the issue I was 
having with Lily dumping
her food bowl?

Depending on which way she
pushed it, it either went in
the floor between the john 
and the cabinet or the other way
right in the sink.

Well...I sort of put a stop to that
days ago. 

I velcroed it to this piece of carpet
that I had cut for her to sit on.

It's been days since there was an issue,
but then tonight...

She dumps the dogs food!

Could be from being left alone all
day while I was at the 
hospital or the fact that
Dakota stayed the night at

Who knows.

Thanks for stopping in, 


  1. Lily knows, but since she can't/want talk, we will never know why.. to funny, or it is to me since i don't have to clean it up

  2. Ha ha if she can't tip up her own dish then Dakota must suffer. Diane

  3. I can only shake my head over silly cat doings. They do make us laugh.

    You'll be happy to know I'm listing to Eagles' Greatest Hits as I type. ~grin~ There is some stuff from the seventies that doesn't invoke my weirdly depressed inner child.

    Hope you all feel well!


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