Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Demanding Dakota and Gas

HAHA....I read
this on FB this morning.

I had to laugh cause Dakota loves
to lay right up next to me

and there are those days that
the smell....
well, you know what I mean!

Dakota is my best bud. He has
gave me comfort on bad days,
he has laid with me and never
asked for anything more than
to have his belly rubbed.

But....he can be such a demand cuss.
He loves to lay up next to 
me while I do my morning
FBing and Blogging.
Not only does he have to 
be up next to me, he has
to be covered up!

Dakota will come up to me, 
take his paw and scratch at the 
couch, which means he wants to 
be covered up. 
When this happens you need to
be ready to cover him then cause
if not, he will scratch again...and 
again....and again!

I lifted the cover on this shot, so 
this is my bud under cover!

This time of year we keep the 
quilt or heated throw on the
couch but even during the summer
he likes to be covers so there
is always a light throw waiting 
to cover him up.

Such a silly boy.

Thanks for stopping in, 


  1. our jake is covered during heat/cold, ac freezes him. if i need a cover so does he... gotta love our babies.

  2. What a doll. I'm reminded of a miniature schnauzer my parents once had. He was a brute that didn't know his own strength, though I adored Rocky. I used to call him 'Rock Star'. But when I visited in Florida he had developed a bad habit of clawing you to pet his belly. It hurt when your arm got tired! Worse was worrying about my mother's delicate skin, though she usually sat in a chair too small to share with him and he might curl up at her feet instead.

    I posted a little something I'd been meaning to write up after reading your kind comment. You were right. I *have* been working on my short story series. ~grin~ For someone I've never met, you know me better than most.

  3. I do miss not having an animal, they all have such characters.
    Thanks for thinking of me and caring. I am struggling with health at the moment, the British bugs get me every year but this year they have surpassed themselves!!! Take care Diane

  4. Ours too, they love to burrow under the covers! And yes, I know that gas torture lol...we keep a fan with a remote control by the bed for just such occasions lol!


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