Sunday, January 21, 2018

Lily All Boxed Up

I rec'd a package in the mail the other
And of course Lily had to 
try out the box!

She might be little but she
gets to running and playing and 
this is how my rubber backed
run ends up. I stated rubber
backed cause I thought that
would help this from happening but
NO...not against a small

Oh Lily you make me laugh.

Thanks for stopping in
my furbabes love your


  1. I laughed out loud seeing how pleased with herself she looks. Thank you for sharing. And thanks for the kind word about Jezebel. One dear lady informed me that she has a cat that vibrates sometimes. We agree it's excitement looking out a window as they're both full time indoor cats. Jezebel used to go outside every day along with Tilly and Luna. That changed many years ago after I wised up about the dangers. Jezzy has managed to slip out a few times since and reacts with increasing fear upon her return to my arms. Perhaps she has residual memory of those incidents. Hope you're feeling good today!

  2. i still want a way for you to bottle her energy and send it to me


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