Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Day in the Life of my Pets

Yesterday I let Lily out on the screened in 
deck to check out the snow that
blew in....

I don't mind telling you, she was not
sure how to act, I don't think she liked
it at all....

But when she came in she was like
something WILD!

This is yesterday morning while I 
was doing coffee and I was stretched out
on the couch.

And this was Dakota, curled up on my legs under
the cover

Later while we watched tv.

My furbabes have it made.
Misfire did not go out into the
snow yesterday. She was a stall babe.
Way to cold and I am sure that her
and the others did not go out today
with our temps sitting at 10 degrees right now.

Thanks for stopping in, 


  1. everyone is warm and cozy including the horses, they are blessed to have you to keep them from freezing

  2. They DESERVE to have it made! :) I feel the same way with our little critters. We do have a "runner" though. Our cat Dana, he's so silly...he tries relentlessly to run out the front door when we bring the dogs out...then habitually freezes in one position on the porch if he gets out...we have to haul him back in...he never learns his lesson lol!


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