Friday, January 5, 2018

That Silly Little Lily Bit

Throwing wet clothes in the 
dryer the other
day and this one decides
she is helping somehow!
Silly Lily.

But before crawling up in the 
dryer I look over to see
her helping with the 
sorting of laundry!

Then after all that while
packing up the Christmas
ornaments I hear bags 
making that noise they make
when you are moving them
around  when your
cats crawl up in them.

Seriously what is it about bags
that cats love?

I wrap each ornament and store them
away so keep in mind that no
kitten was hurt in the process of
laying in the bags!

This girl loves 

Esp those that are sticking out
of my cup as I proceed
to wrap Christmas ornaments.

Reminds me of a dog in the 
pic below....
Dakota does this when he 
sees an animal outside. 
Apparently that black and white
cat that runs the hood was spotted
by Lily!

watches on.

Isn't he just so handsome?
Now a story without pics....
every time my mom comes by
she honks her horn to let me know
she is out there so I will unlock the 
door and she will not have to stand 
out there. I noticed that when the back door
was open to the deck (when the weather was
warmer) that Lily would come running
when she heard mom honk.

Thinking she was on the deck twice 
I opened the door and she darted out.
Yep, that required me running all over 
the yard to catch her.
Keep in mind....she only trys
to run out when the horn honks.

I can let Dakota out all day and 
she just sits back. But Lily will 
also stand at the door to watch
Dakota when he goes out. I have even
noticed her stretching up to push on 
the screen to try and let him in 
when he comes to the screen.

Lately though, and I thought the 
first time was just something that 
happened but it keeps happening so
I know it is not a mistake..... when Dakota
comes to the screen to be let in (he is not
a scratcher to get in) he sets down in 
front of the door. I am usually watching 
for him but before I make it to the door, 
Lily runs off into the living room....

I actually waited the other day just
to see what would happen and since
I did not get up and go let him in 
right away, Lily MEOWED to let
me know he wanted in.

Then yesterday, so as not to alert 
Lily mom did not honk when she
came over. Lily was sleeping on her perch
at the window. I did not hear mom come up but
Lily saw her, she jumped off the perch, going to 
the door with a loud MEOW.

I have a WATCH kitten I
guess! haha....
I love it!

She lets me know when mom is here
and she keeps an eye out for her

At around 6:30/7:00 every evening
she goes upstairs. She will nap up 
there for a couple of hours before coming
down for a BUCK ASS WILD 
moment or two...then 
off to bed later.

Last night I was so tired I headed
to bed around 8pm. Lily had been a 
no show since 6:30 so I went looking
for her, with no camera in hand (of course)
and I found her in a open shoe box of 
cups on the guest bed. I almost missed
her since the only thing hanging out was 
a sleepy face of a kitten!

Why is a box of cups on the bed....
they are worth some $$s and mom 
wanted me to see if I could sale them.

Yep...what is that saying, 
" I am a Jill of all trades and a master of

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  1. i think Lily has dog genes somewhere in her ancestrty... also a lot of cute as cute can be genes... she is really smart

  2. PS Jake doesn't ask in either, he just stands and stares... and we have no Lily to meow

  3. You have the cutest pets and I love these stories/pics. I am taking an extended blog break but I'll be checking in on you guys! Have a nice weekend.

  4. What a hoot! Never a dull moment. Be well!


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