Saturday, January 6, 2018

My World Is All About Cats

Yesterday I worked for hours trying
to figure out how to get rid of
a cat that showed up that is not

It is CRAZY the hoops you have
to jump through to get things done.

This is 
I think it is female cause of her
markings. Calico and Torties are
basically female. 
She is long hair. 
Friendly and very vocal.

Brandau showed up about 6 or
7 days ago. Pretty sure since there are
not many houses around Chris (at the
farm) that she was a drop off.
She came into the barn and has been
living there with the 3 feral cats, which
she don't like and they don't like her. 
Pretty sure she was a house cat anyway.

I have found a friend that said him and
his wife are interested in taking
her in. 

I could not think of a name
for her but I call her Brandau 
cause that is the name of 
the street Chris lives on.

Lily was in a mood yesterday.
I watched her prowl through the 
house like she was just looking
for something to get into. 

She went from this to that, here and 
there...and all over. 
And when I say prowl, that is what it
looks like when she the 
lions or tigers you see of the 
nature channel.

Well last night when I decided to pulll
my beads out and work on a project, Lily
decided it was time to get into that something she
had looked for all day, my beads. It started with 
her running her paw under the clear container,
Then slapping at and trying to chew on 
the chain I was working with....
Then,  she proceeded to push one of 
my slotted, divided containers

the pins you use in working with beads, off
into the floor. I jumped down to pick 
this mess up before she decided to play 
with the pins. 

Luck would have it I got them
up only to have missed what got on the 
ottoman. I had to make her open
her mouth to get one off her tongue.
Like a 2 yr old...everything goes in the mouth!
After that I missed her for a bit, nothing 
new there. Then I see her in the 
hall leading to the kitchen playing
with something. She has some water
bottle tops she plays with and I figured
that was it. 

she was not playing with 
a cap.
She had gone to the kitchen, 
jumped up on the cabinet (a place
she knows she is not to go and will
not do it if I am in the room)...and
grabbed a pepper I had in a bowl on the
micro that was dried out (saving for

Hoping it don't burn coming out!

Here is her when I found the 
mess she made!
Looks like she OD'd on seeds!

Shortly after she went to her
tunnel to doze for all of
5 mins. then she was up 
and going again.

We then played chase.
She loves for me to chase her and 
she runs and hides.

Around her normal time 6:30 she
went upstairs to nap.
When I went to bed I took 
my camera this time and 
I found her in the same 
box as the night before.

How does she get comfy in that?

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  1. just figue out how to bottle that energy and i will buy one

  2. Hi Pam and thanks for the comments. First day up for a few hours since we arrived home 30 Dec! I still feel very weak and it will be a few days before I get back to normal. Nigel started the bug soon after arrival in the UK so by the time we left he was over the worse, but did not get it as bad as I did. Having said that he still does not feel 100%. I started just before Christmas. My cough is still the major problem and it is causing headaches. But I am on my feet again for a short while today. So hope yo be back blogging soon. My camera must have wondered where I am!!
    Hope that you are well and not having too many problems. Take care Diane

  3. Best wishes for Brandau! That's kind of a cool name. Please keep us updated. And thank you for making the effort to help. ~hugs~ Gotta keep an eye on that sweet girl of yours, eh? I know she got you up early today with a little help. We can relate, having gotten tag teamed by our two cats today.


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