Sunday, January 14, 2018

Yesterday with the Furbabes

Since I adopted Lily I have learned
the difference between
and dogs!

This has become a daily 
event with Lily.

So much so that yesterday she
actually started playing with 
Dakota's food!

And this pic 

was the 4th time yesterday that
she turned her bowl over.
I have even placed it in the sink
in the BR to prevent her from
knocking it on the floor between the
john and the sink. 
But....when I wash my hands I 
remove it and forget to sit it 
back....with that, late yesterday
Lily's bowl got put up and she did 
not get it till this morning.

Now if that is not bad enough for the
last couple of days she has started
playing with the bowl of water!

She had several buck a-- wild moments
yesterday. Then she crashed.

in her tunnel. 

(look at that beautiful babe....BRAT)

Not only did I bake bread yesterday
I cooked chicken.
They both knew I was cooking
so they decided to hang out in 
the kitchen while I did.

While my chicken cooked I ate my
breakfast, a banana and when 
this girl 

sees me peel that peeling back, she runs.
She loves bananas!

Dakota on the other hand is not
so sure he likes banana but
he is willing to give it a try cause
he can't stand Lily getting something
he is not getting!

Like I mentioned, Lily had several
buck a-- wild moments yesterday, and one
of those moments took place around 10 last 
night.  She was out of one thing into
another so fast I could not keep up with 

Under the TV on top of the DVD's!

By the way, see the Hillbilly glass full of
pens, yep, it got knocked off and poured
pens all over the floor.

And the pic below is her on top
of the table saw I have yet to even
try to put together. 
And the well used yoga matte
(used once so far)..

Then I caught her just a few minutes
later on the table near the door.

Not to mention the times on the back of
the chair that I did not get picks
of. She does that number where she 
hugs the back of the chair, wild
eyed and acting silly..
I am sure all you cat owners understand
this movement. From there she would 
shot out of the room to the kitchen and 
back! I think the last week, Wed and Thursday 
when she was allowed to go on the deck cause
the temps were rocking at 65 and 70 
must have messed with her!
She must have had withdrawals 

Oh my....what will today bring?


  1. She is so funny. I have lots of china around so a cat here would be a disaster! Having said that, N is allergic to cats so it would be a double disaster. Lovely post and photos. Take care Diane

  2. she is just to cute and to funny for words. she may or may not grow out of this wild side. my son's cat was just like her for about a year or a little more, but my friends cat stayed that way for 17 years. Moses loved to hide and leap on people and steal things and hide them and move them around, she had to cat proof her condo and he was that way until he died

  3. Pics and the way you explained was nice. I love to have pets in home. You must be more patience to see the naughty works done by them and to keep all the things clean.

  4. Crazy girl. ~grin~ Those moments are rare for Jezebel and never happen any more with Tilly, who is older, though they both get excited when it's time for wet food or pumpkin (thank you for that idea). I've never heard of a cat who liked banana before. My father used to put his dog's heartworm prevention pills in banana chunks.

  5. I just love all of the photos, and I have a soft spot for Dakota, he is a sweet little fella. :) Our cats often pushed over their bowls. We ended up getting some very heavy ceramic ones that they couldn't topple!


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