Monday, January 22, 2018

Life and Adventures of Living with Lily!

So..those of you that have cats have
you ever had to deal with this?

PJ tie strings?

The funniest is being in the kitchen
cooking, wearing your apron and the 
kitty decides to jump on your back to 
get the tie strings on the apron!
Throws you off a bit!

Last week temps in the single digits
yesterday's high 70 degrees!
Lily loved it.
She was allowed on the deck to
watch the birds.

I was piled up on the couch the other 
morning and after running and playing 
like a wild animal, Lily needed to nap.
She loves getting close to her bud when 
she naps. She starts on the end of the
couch and works her way up to him.
He was in a snapping mood though cause
he was next to mom and he did not
want her getting attention.
Lily settled for this distance
although she kept trying to stretch
out her paw to touch him.

A tad later I moved to the chair.
Keep in mind I have an extra long couch,
but they needed to be close.
I am in the chair with my feet on 
the ottoman, they are also
on the ottoman!!!

Check out Lily's paw....she wanted
to touch me.

This morning the three of us did coffee on
the deck...Okay, I had one cup of coffee and
they had none. 
Dakota was curled up under cover next 
to me, like he is now but we have 
moved inside. 

I just recently had to make Lily come
in so I could shut the door, it started
raining and was getting too cool. 

While cleaning up the cabinet in the kitchen
I located something I have been looking
for, VELCRO!

Lily has no clue that the Velcro
is for her....sort of.

Here she thinks it is something to play 

But with pieces cut and applied
to the bottom of her bowl,

and put in place....the bowl will
not move easily. 

I have a piece of carpet square that I 
cut a section off. It lays next to the sink
in the bathroom so Lily sits on that 
while she eats. 
VELCROED that bowl right to the 
carpet piece so that it is not stuck to 
my counter top. 

Hoping this changes things. 

Thanks for stopping in, 


  1. hope for a Velcro miracle. LOL

  2. Great idea with the bowl. I had a cat in my days when I lived in Rhodesia who used to climb my curtains daily (never pull a thread!). She would then walk along the rail and gently unhook them so they landed on the floor. It took me a long time to actually find out what was happening until I caught her in the act looking very innocent!! Tale care Diane

  3. Great idea with the velcro! Oh the PJ "draw strings"...Pam, we have so many around the house. They have long left the pj's and are now cat toys lol! :)

  4. We usually just tuck our pajama strings into the waistband. It's better than being attacked. Fortunately, Caroline hasn't noticed the apron strings, yet.


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