Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Melts my Heart

I love how Lily has to try out
every box that comes into the
house. When she does I have to
go cutting openings for her. 

It was a beautiful day yesterday and 
all three of us were enjoying it.

Mom...I am so tired.

My fav shot of the day (below).
Check out Dakota's paw!

Later when Dakota and I went in 
Lily just stayed out 

Thanks for stopping in, 


  1. help i am smiling and i can't stop... these are so cute and sweet and funny and happy..

  2. Oh, wow. What excellent photos! I adore these two.

    Now I just have to reply to your great comment on my humble blog (sorry it's rambling). You are definitely an artist, my friend. ~hugs~ And it's funny how the word 'geek' has been owned and transformed. In my FB group Geek Asylum one gal complained that a friend insists she is *not* a geek because she isn't a gamer. Ha! I spent much of my life denying the title science fiction geek, always blaming whatever SO shared my life before finding a list of shows and movies featuring an astounding number I watched alone. Owning the title freed my spirit. ~snicker~ I hope you feel well today.

  3. Lily and Dakota are just too cute! Glad you had a nice day to be outside.

  4. They are so good together you are a lucky lady. Hope you are feeling better Diane

  5. Pam I love ALL critters, but I'm definitely a dog gal and Dakota is giving me a case of the cutesies! :)


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