Thursday, January 25, 2018

The Little Bit Mess

Yesterday I was working in the 
2nd guest room. It is going to take
a lot of work but just trying to get it
where I could walk in there and 
maybe get to my desktop.

While moving things around I turned
to see the supervisor of this 

Really not sure she approves.

I look at her on the back of my chair and 
I don't see my little kitten anymore.
She looks like a full grown cat.

The last couple of days has been nice so 
Lily has been able to get out on the deck.

She might look like a cat in 
the pics above but here when 
curled up like this she still looks
like that kitten.

Last night around 10:30 I started to bed. I 
hunted out Lily to see where she was
and here is where I found her 
sound asleep!

So sweet.

Thanks for checking in on my furbabes.


  1. even before i read your comment, i thought she is really getting big, a cat not a kitten. of course she still acts like a kitten. she looks so precious in the sink and on the back of the chair

  2. So cute! Ours love the sinks too. Silly critters! :)

  3. I like how cats' ears will rotate toward sounds we ignore. That's what the top image makes me think she's doing. ~grin~ As for cats in sinks, ours have never done that. But I have a video you should see. ~grin~

  4. Gosh she has grown I had not realised until you reminded me. Hope you have a good weekend Diane


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