Thursday, February 1, 2018

It Pays to Keep the Cell Phone Camera On

Sitting on the couch the other night, 
chilling down I missed Little Ms.
Mess looking around I found
her on top of my ladder.

No clue what she was looking

Silly girl.

Then later she moved
from the ladder to
the TV.

And you can find her

Thank you for stopping in, 


  1. I think Lily deserves the funniest cat on blogland award. just adorable

  2. your Lily is awwwdorable! She was probably looking for a non-existent spider ! Have a lovely day!

  3. She really is so cute.
    Pam when ever we get to a church and it is open I take photos and they go on the blog. It is a case of trying to find them!!!!
    Have a good weekend Diane

  4. Ha :) Cute! One of our cats loves to climb gets our nerves going to say the least!


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