Sunday, February 18, 2018

Boxes and Love

I love when my fur babes 
just want to be close.

This pic below is so funny....
Dakota wanted to play,
Lily just woke and wanted no
part of
she got in her box to hide.

Just in case you were not sure 
if she was in there or not, this pic
proves it!

Every so often she just pops out
to see what is going on!

Yesterday while I was trying to
sweep, Lily just decided to 
crash right in the middle of
what I was doing!

I totally love when she sleep with
her head turned up like this.

Today I brought some dollie
magazines home from mom's. I took the
books out of the box and looked 
down just to see Lily Bit
jumping in the box!

What is it about boxes!?

Then Dakota went over to 
sit by Lily. 

I see these two together it just makes
me so happy! 

They are adorable together!

The fur babes thank for checking 
in on them.


  1. They make a wonderful pair. So funny Lily hiding in the box when Dakota wants to play LOL. Have a good week, Diane

  2. two of the most adorable babies EVER and I LOVE that THEY love each other and you

  3. You have a way of sending me down memory lane. ~grin~ Today seeing Dakota's amazing ears reminds me of Tina, the beagle mix my father brought home when I was an infant. She hated being inside for some reason until her final, very cold seventeenth winter with us. Sitting with Tina on her snug, straw filled dog house after school was my therapy. And I loved to hear my father tell how he used tape for a short time to affix her puppy ears in an upright position. It worked! Be well, my friend.


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