Saturday, February 24, 2018

Deck Time

Yesterday was beutiful in Nashville
so Lily, Dakota and I spent the day
on the deck. 

There was so much inside I needed
to be doing but....
it was just too pretty.

Lily loves to bird watch!

Where Dakota loves curling up 
next to me on the glider under the throw.

At one point I think Dakota got tired
of me pushing and gliding in the 
glider so he moved to the


Where he had no 
peace at all cause
apparently Lily was tired
of hunting and wanted to play!

After some time I curled up on the 
glider....I can do that now being smaller,
with Dakota behind my legs and took 
a nap.

Dakota is resting his weary head
on my thigh.

I love his eyes...the shape and the 

Oops....head up trying to see
what his little sis is into!

She jumped up in the chair to rest.

But before rest she had to wiggle around
and be silly.

Check out the wild glassy eye look!

She decided a nap was not
a bad idea...
such a colorful belly!

After nap time we all sat around
and did nothing!!

Oh wait, I did nothing, well actually
see the camera lens, I tried to get some
good pics of the birds and the 
pesty squirrel that wanted to get to
the birdfeeder.

While I tried to get pics the 
fur babes watched.....daring
him to come any closer.
Seriously, Lily jumped at him
through the screen!

But here are my watch  (dog) fur babes!

Last night after a busy day on the deck.

Dakota was under the quilt!
The fresh air wore the out!

We are on the deck again this morning.
I will be giving it up in a bit, I have so
much to do so I can't sit on my boney rear
Rain last night, birds are busy today,
preparing for the storms that will
be moving in tonight. 

Lily has never been a part of
our tornado drill but looks
like she might get to see how
we do things tonight.

The furbabes love it when you leave
a sweet comment,


  1. I hope the storms aren't too bad. We've been going through a freeze here and I'm tired of all this cold.

    Have a purrfect and woof woof day you two. My best to your mom. ♥

  2. oh no on the tornado drill, hope all will be well. i have that same bony rear problem, the more weight i lose the more i sit on my tail bone and whatever else bones are back there. i just love all the pics of your precious fur babies

  3. I envy your view. ~grin~ What doll babies. Stay safe tonight! SO worried about how to handle our three cats when Luna was still alive and we had to head downstairs for the first time as a family of five. As it turned out, they all trooped downstairs to see what we were doing and stayed until the threat passed! Now, I don't know. These days, Tilly never leaves the main floor of our ranch style house. Then again, neither does my partner for the most part (!) so she might follow along still. Be well!

  4. Your fur babies are so precious! I have a tabby cat just like yours. And I know that wild glassy eye look! LOL Happy Saturday

  5. Just love that shot of Dakota and the reflection in his eye, Great series well done. Cheers Diane

  6. They are so cute...just like babies. I love how some fresh air just knocks them right out! The squirrels are out around here too, no more letting the dogs out loose for a quick pee, we may never see them again if they start chasing squirrels! We let them out in the yard without leashes in the winter because the snow is high enough to keep them in the yard, but one of them tried to climb the snow banks this morning...I hope this is a sign of spring on the way!


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