Saturday, February 3, 2018

My Pets Make Me Happy

This morning while loading 
the dishwasher I had help.

Not sure that he input is much
help though.

Later right before I mopped the floor I
went to give Lily some catnip. 

First I put the jar I have it stored
in down to see what she would do...
she put her head in the jar and 
grabbed a bite.
Then next before I knew it, she
stuck a paw in there and 
cupped a bunch pulling it out
all over the floor.

I ended up sweeping a bunch
up, she got less than 1/2 of
what she pulled out. 

But this is her 
after she had some.
And rolled around in more!

HAHA....she makes me laugh.

Yesterday after a BAW moment she
crashed in the living room 
basking in the sunlight coming 
through the window. 

She knows that she is not allowed
on the table or the counter....
that is why she gets on both only if
I am out of the room. 

But this afternoon I went into
the kitchen to see this.

In a shopping bag....but how do you get
onto her when she looks so sweet?

Well you don't. You pull out the
camera and start taking pics.

While my bud lays around on the 
couch most days...
and gets spoiled while I rub his 


Look how gray my bud looks
these days.

Lily sure don't stay put in one place.
She is all over the place.

I love how she still curls up in a 
tight ball and still turns that
face up....and such a sweet face. 

And when she wakes....
she stretches! 

Looks like a person sitting there 
looking out.

And she loves her boxes.

My friend Theresa and I go out
to eat together.
She will call or text me and Dakota
has learned both her ringtone and 
text tone.
He knows when he hears either one
of those that I will be leaving the 
house. He gets right up from the couch
and goes upstairs. That is his go
to spot when he knows he is not going.
It is so funny that he knows those
tones! This is him 
after going upstairs and I don't 
leave...he is wondering why!


Oh my babes make me so happy.
They make me laugh and smile
all the time which makes my
world happy.

Thanks for checking on my furbabes, 


  1. Your babies are wonderful! Dakota reminds me of my Jack so much. He loves a belly rub, and he is getting gray around the eyes too, sigh...when we adopted him in 2015, they said he was 9 years old. I hope he sticks around for a long LONG time! :) Lily is adorable. Our cats can bundle themselves into any little shopping bag too!

  2. I burst out laughing at that final photograph. Heh... They are all adorable. And I have a cautionary tale about handles. My exercise mat *used* to have them. But one day many years ago when Jezebel was still half kitten she stuck her head in one while I was exercising. In a flash she had that heavy ribbon wrapped tight around her neck and started gagging. Her eyes were bulging by the time I got the scissors. Guess what no longer has handles? ~grin~ It didn't matter since I only ever pull it out at home. Since then, I just realized that anything with a shorter handle gets hung on a door knob or something. Oh, the joys of pet parenthood. Hope you feel well today. ~hugs~

  3. Had to pop back in and check for any new photos. ~grin~ Meanwhile, thanks for your great comment on my blog about that gargoyle. Have you even seen the movie "The Crow"? The end shows a gargoyle put to good use. Heh... It's a wicked cool romantic horror move.

  4. Love both your babies, oh I do miss not having my own but your two keep me happy. Take care Diane

  5. Ooooh, too cute! I so enjoyed seeing your sweet pets! They brought a smile to my face :) And seeing your cuties reminded me that you asked on my blog how many cats I have....I have 6 and each one is simply precious.

    Enjoy your day! Hugs!


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