Thursday, October 4, 2018

Working and Not Working

If you follow my original
post you have seen the 
below pic.

I worked in the yard yesterday
and this boy followed every step
I made. By later afternoon 
we were both tired.

But...Lily on the other hand
rested while we worked.

After cutting the yard Dakota
and I go back on the deck
for water (him) and tea 
for me. This is the site
I saw just as I stepped
on the deck!

What is wrong with this pic?
We work and the princess
takes it easy.


  1. LOL she has the right idea. Do not overdo it. Diane

  2. BUT the Princess IS the Princess!!! we all know that.

  3. Ha ha ha...isn't that what cats do? They SUPERVISE!!! :)

  4. The Royal one shouldn't have to labor!

  5. You try layin' around in a cardboard box all day...I bet it can be tiring...LOl!

  6. I know exactly how you feel. ~nods~


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