Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Sleeping Furbabes

Last night the babes
were chilling with me
on the couch.

Dakota loves to sleep
on the back cushions.

And then there is Lily.

Here they are later just chilling
with mom.

Do your pets keep you 


  1. When I had them yes they were constant company. Now I just miss them so much, but it is not pracical to have pets while we want to travel. Have a good day, Diane

  2. Nothing beats a happy snoozy!

  3. we missed our company when Jake died to the point of despair. suffering is what we were doing. now we have Big Boy and our life is back on keel. your babies are soooooo adorable

  4. ALL DAY AND ALL NIGHT!! Well, the pets mill around me all day because I'm usually in the kitchen! But after dinner when Alex and I head up to bed to watch movies, all six of them try to fit on the bed, and they can usually find a good little spot. I love having pets in the house! All of the pets love the top cushions around here too!

  5. Our furniture has been overrun by our girls, especially kitty Jezebel. She has taken to loving on me in my bed. I think she missed me during our trip. Be well!


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