Tuesday, October 2, 2018


Aren't they just so adorable?

The furbabes chilling on
the deck with me this 

Yes, we are home now after
a 9 day stay at my
Yesterday was our first
full day home but
I had errands to run...

Lily however was so 
pleased to be able to
go out on the deck.

Here she is at my
brothers however...
first time she realized if
you jump high enough
you can get on the 
antique cabinet
you never been on before!

Although Lily is amazing
and I have no issues 
getting her in the carrier
to go places she really
does not sleep well away
from home.

Here she is trying to nap.

However, our last day at Ray's
I found her here...

on the shelve above the 
washer. RESTING.

She is not afraid in anyway
of the big dogs in the house but
at night they snore, they move around
and Lily hears this which
makes it hard for her
to sleep well.

On the days I fed at the 
barn while house/animal 
sitting I would take her
home for a few hours to
chill. She would avoid the deck
and go upstairs to sleep.

I know she was glad to get home.

Dakota on the other hand stayed at
moms about 6 days out
of the nine that we were gone
from home. He too has no issues
with the big dogs but
he just feels more comfortable
at moms with her dogs, the
ones he has grown up with.
The big ones try to play
with him but the size
bothers him. Moms dogs
are his size.
He however was really
glad to get home
Him and I have been
playing ball and he
has been getting his love
from mom.


  1. They are just so cute and I love seeing them together!

  2. She really is adorable, yes they both are. ♥ Diane

  3. Both Lily and Dakota are too cute. They have such a wonderful bond. They both seem like they enjoyed their time away, but were glad to get back home. Hope you and the fur babies are having a great week Pam!

  4. How have I missed so many posts? Love these photos!


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