Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Cat Lovin

Yesterday was
National Cat Day.
Hope you hugged your

It was like Lily knew what 
day it was for she
was in a rare
lovin mood.

She ended up on top of
me four times 
yesterday...and once
so far this morn.
I don't understand her
random lovin!

But...my lovin with 
cats did not stop
with her. I loved on 
the other cats in my 

I had my time with 
(brothers cat)

She always meets me
at the door and 
sit down to pet her.

With Zora
AKA Becky.
(sis in laws babe)

I got nose butts.

And with Smoky.
(their latest babe)

Later I went to the barn
to feed and I got
to hug the two 
youngest babes there.



I knew NOTHING about
cats when I got Lily.
I was so shocked to learn that 
a litter could actually have
more then one dad....
It still surprises me
that Tigress and Princess
are sisters.
Princess is a true tabby...
short tail.
Little chunky.
While Tigress is slim
with a long slim tail. 
Princess has a corse 
feeling hair where 
Tigress is so soft. 
Their brother was white
with dark gray spots.
He was actually between
these two on how his
fur felt and their

Anyway....did you get your
cat lovin yesterday?
I sure did!


  1. no cat lovin but you sure got yours and dogs have more than one dad to. you sure had a great cat loving day

  2. And I think you really needed it, yesterday....


  3. Lily and the others sure look happy!

  4. Wish my husband was not allergic to cats !! Take care Diane

  5. Happy National Cat day to Lily and the other cats!

  6. Oh yes, the cats got lots of loving! And some extra chicken to boot! :) I love the photo of you and the nose bump love! :)


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