Sunday, October 7, 2018

The Visitor

The other day I stepped
out on to the deck
to see this site.
Lily in her box and 
Trixie (the feral) cat
visiting. Trixie is a talker,
I think Lily got bored with

This morning however,
Trixie came to visit
and Lily was trying to
greet her.

Do your pets get visitors?
Or better yet, does your pets
go to granny's house to spend
the night like Dakota does?


  1. Lily look like she was too interested in her comfy in that first one!

  2. We get visitors, they they are alway cats after the birds I feed in the garden Grrrrr. I hope you enjoy your week, Diane

  3. we get zero visitors and our pets have never been to anyones house before. I am happy for yours that they get both

  4. i don't have any pets and my boys don't have any i am completely out of that loop!!!

  5. WELL--no pets here right now, but we do get plenty of visitors during the day and NIGHT.... At nights, the Racoons come to the deck looking for spilled bird seed... One year, we had a SKUNK visit us on our deck... YIPES.

    We've had BATS nesting in our shutters.... This year, we had a hornets nest near the garage....

    YEP---too many visitors and most, unwanted... ha


  6. aahh, look at Lily in the box. It seems like your pets are very comfortable at your house, Pam. : )


  7. LOL .. yes, your neighbors cat comes to visit our cat Max. We always tell Max " your girlfriend is here." LOL

  8. The idea of doggy sleepovers makes me laugh. My baby Luna (rest her little soul) used to get upset when a neighbor cat showed up in the window. I remember putting red pepper flakes there to try and stop it. Didn't work. I don't think cats can taste hot spices. Heh...


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