Monday, October 15, 2018

Coffee and Lily Looking Out for Brother

This morning we woke to
pouring rain.
It was coming down so
hard my gutters could
not handle it.

The backdoor was open for
Lily to go out but
since Dakota don't
like the sound of the rain
on the tin roof...
we did coffee in the house.

See the look I just got 
when I asked did he
want to go out to the 

Last night however
Dakota went out to 
the bathroom and 
Lily stood guard.

Looking out for her

It does amaze me the 
love between these
I am so lucky.


  1. They sure do love each other and that special bond sure is terrific!

  2. I think there love for each other is amazing and beautiful and always melts my heart when I see them together

  3. At this point (in reading here, backwards) I don't know how long you have had Lily. But regardless, I think it is so wonderful, that Dakota accepted Lily. And that Lily loves Dakota.

    You are very, very lucky.



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