Sunday, October 21, 2018

Posing....HAHA Actually Avoiding

Friday afternoon 
Dakota packed his bag...
and headed to granny's
house for the night.
HAHA...I know to some
it sounds funny that
he goes to spend the
night away from home!
He loves playing with the
girly girls (her dogs).

I stepped out on the deck
after I got back from
dropping Dakota off
to Lily chilling in her
box. I had cell in my hand
so out came the camera.
Here she is posing...

Actually trying to avoid
the camera. She
kept turning her head.

So I got shots of her
in different positions.

I just love this beautiful

And all the way to the 
tip of her

Esp those eyes.

She is a good girl.
Dakota is back home
as of last night.
Right now after having
a part of waking mom before
6, he is curled up under
my quilt, as close to my
legs he can get..

Oh yes, he can sound
like a freight train


  1. what would you do without your Lily girl and your camera

  2. You sure are a pretty gal sweet Lily!

  3. Thank you for leaving a comment, on my blog!!!!! I'm sure we have both "seen" each other, in comments, on the blogs of others. :-) Thank you for popping by!!!

    Oh your Lily, is a lovely Tortoiseshell kitty. Such a sweetheart.

    Perhaps she is not really avoiding, having her picture taken... Perhaps it's just, that looking right into the *eye* of the camera, bothers her???

    Camera *eyes* are not smiling, like your eyes are, when you look at her, with love. Maybe a camera *eye* reminds her, more of a predator?

    No I am not a "cat whisperer"!!! ,-) Just something which I thought of...


  4. Lovely set of photos. Ha ha most of our dogs seemed to snore!

    I am trying slowly to catch up after my hard drive crashed out completely, will be sometime before I am back to where I was.
    Have a good week. Cheers Diane


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