Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Curtains and Fur Babes

Walked out of the kitchen 
to the living room to
see this site..

So I look inside
to see this site.

then Dakota wanted
in on the 

Luck will have it that
my curtains are still
in tacked. 

oh my fur babes!


  1. I do love your furbabies and their PHUNNY PHUN.... makes me laugh

  2. Oh Oh...

    Looks as if your lace curtains, can no longer be fashionably *puddled.* 'Cause this effect, leaves too much room, to become a bed. ,-))))


  3. I had one cat that used to climb my curtains and unhook them!!! I often came back from work to find my curtains on the floor. I caught her at it red handed one day so I had proof it was her!!! She was a magician at climbing and not pulling threads. I loved her to bits though for all her wicked ways. Keep well Diane

  4. My Jezebel has snagged my sheer curtain countless times, the little jerk. Heh... She likes to use it to rest her outstretched paw while lounging on the kitty 'condo'. ~sigh~ Love these two!


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