Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Back In Time Pics and Contest

Featuring pics from 
the time that 
Dakota and I adopted
AKA Lily Bit. 

Brian is offering a 
contest to win a 
canvas print.
You can read that 

I took these pics one
day while messing 
with my camera and 
it just so happened
that these two played
along without even
knowing they were 
doing it....

Keep in mind, these are
no posed pics.
These two were doing
their own thing I 
just so happened to 
have my camera in hand.

Although the above are
so adorable the one
below is the one
I would love to have
on canvas. 

Oh my gosh...melts
my heart to look at these
two and how well they
got along from the 

Do you have a fave 
kiddo pic you would 
love to have on 

The furbabes said 


  1. I love that last one, perfect for canvas because they both look like they are posing in a EARS up pose for the camera. they are soooo adorable. hope you win a canvas. if you don't win, upload the pic to Walmart and print it on a canvas, or take it to the store, they have wonderful canvas prints

  2. I agree the bottom one is amazing but I love them all. Hope you are well Diane

  3. Wow! What great photos! Without even really having to try!!!


  4. Omgosh cuteness overload! Lily and Dakota are too cute! All these pictures are wonderful Pam! I hope you win the contest! I meant to tell you I just posted makeup looks using the Naked Cherry Collection. I didn't forget, I just did have time to post any looks last week before I published the review. Wishing you an amazing week!

  5. Oh those are all terrific, any of those would look great on canvas but that first one is so cute!


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