Friday, October 19, 2018

In a Loving Mood

but....Lily has been
in a loving mood.

I stop what I am doing
on the computer when she 
wants to love.

Before this pic I
got a couple
of nose butts.

This mornings loving
was at a good time
BUT the other night wanting 
rubbing and love'n an
hour after I fell
asleep, then in the middle
of the night and then again
at 4:40 am....all in one 
wishing she would change
her loving moods to mornings
like this morning.

Later...she was looking
out the window like
a dog would.


  1. the night time loving is why I have never had a cat.. once I am awake I can't go back to sleep. Lily is so adorable and I love that she wants to cuddle with you

  2. That's cute Pam. One of our cats really smashed me hard on the face with his "love" lol...he scents me ha ha! Actually since we put them on the home cooked diet, the cats are SO affectionate!!

  3. Oh my, time adjustment needed. On the part of one of you.

    Hmmm, how do you get that need, across, to a kitty? -grin-



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