Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Dakota and the New Bandanna

Check out Dakota, AKA the King,
he is wearing a new bandanna mom
got him at Wally World last night. 
It has dog bones and bowls plus
doggie paw prints on it!

He was thinking he was totally cool till 
he was walking in the yard with mom 
and she added this.

(yes that is pollen on the chair)

haha.....she put it on me for the pic
but then she removed it.

Thanks mom for making me look 
hip, cool whatever!


  1. You look darn good Dakota!

  2. Love that precious Dakota and the bandanna is cute. Just yesterday I asked another blog friend if she ever make these clover necklaces when she was a kid!!!!!

  3. I love your new bandana. It's nice to look handsome when you're out and about.

    Have a woof woof day, Dakota. My best to your wonderful mom and Lily. ♥

  4. Oh Dakota, the things fur-mommies do lol! :)

  5. cute! The 6 words are book story page words novel read!

  6. The most beautiful and most handsome flower child I have ever seen

  7. Such a spoilt Dacota ha ha. Hope you feel better soon, Diane


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