Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Living with Furbabes

in a million years would 
I have ever dreamed anything
so sweet taking place with Dakota!

Is this not the most adorable 
thing you ever seen?

Dakota sharing his food with Lily. 
Dakota gets veggies mixed with his 
meal, he saves the peas for last.
The ones Lily leaves anyway!

Cuteness aside lets discuss my nights
with these two.

I understand the cat in Lily and I 
was told when I got her from 
several cat folks that cats do things
on their own time and schedule.

With that being said, I am not at all
surprised when at 3:30/4:30 am that
Lily wants to be loved and rubbed on.
Not that I am crazy about my sleep
being distrubed but I can almost do 
this in my sleep although I would 
preferr if she would ask for the loving/
rubbing during the day!

It's this one that I am having issues 

A little over a year ago, before Lily 
he started something strange. 
He wants to wake me up at all
hours by walking around me on the 
bed. Seriously, over my head, around
my feet, both sides, scratching at me.

At first I thought it was him wanting out,
odd way of telling me cause generally
he jumps off the bed, comes to my
side and straches the matteress where
I am laying to wake me to go out.
He still does that but when he started
the other behavior I just thought maybe
he had been trying to wake me and he was
having a hard time.

But after the first couple of times in 
my dozed state of mind I realized
that when he does that stuff, the 
walking around me, he don't want
out. I will go downstairs, open the 
front door and he runs to the couch.
So, its his way of saying, time to move
downstairs. What I don't get is 
why at all hours of the night?

Getting up with him is becoming an 
issue not only cause of this, which
thank goodness he don't do everynight.
I understand he is getting older and
the bladder and other parts might
need to get up and go during the 
night, it happens to the best of us. 

The issue here is when he wants out
at night, I have to go down the stairs 
then when he comes in back up them
again. Once is okay, twice I can give a little
on but three FREAK'N times last night!
The 2nd was thirty mins after he came
in the first time. Okay....maybe tummy
troubles, I get it. 
What gets me though is, during the 
day he is stuck to me like glue. 
I leave a room, he is there, I go in 
a room, he follows, I go to the deck,
there he goes, I go in the yard and
he is right on my heels. I can't get
him to veg in the yard while I am 
on the deck. He will go pee without
me through the day but he does his business
and he is back by my side in a matter of mins.
BUT at night, I sit on the couch waiting
for his return and he is gone forever.
Last night, well, 3:15 this morning,
it was 30 mins after he went out, I was
getting concerned, I put on my shoes
grabbed the flash light and went out,
just as I stepped in the drive, here he
comes. What the hell is he doing, combing
the neighborhood? He don't leave the yard 
during the day. 

So thanks to him and Lily's night
time rub down my sleep was
a challenge last night, also, I sleep
with a CPAP machine, so on and off 
it goes! I see a nap in my future today. 

If anyone has any clues on what I can
do to stop Dakota's adventures at night,
please share. Thoughts for tonight....
a Benadryl!

Thanks for checking on the furbabes,
would you like to keep them tonight
so I can sleep! 



  1. How cute is the photo of them sharing the food!!
    As my dog and some of my cats age, their behavior at night changes. I'm just glad I am retired and don't have anything to do most days and I can take a nap!

  2. That's interesting know, we let Jack sleep in our bedroom now because he stays put in his cage all night. But the other two huskies walk around too much, we even have to put a fan on for "white noise" so we don't hear the click click clicking on the floor. When Jack walks around the bed, he wants under the covers.

    I'm NOT suggesting this at all, but my late pug Winston developed dementia at age 15, he couldn't remember that he'd already been out several times. I ended up putting a diaper on the poor boy. Maybe you need to crate Dakota at night in a really comfy cage? It might take him a while to get used to it, but maybe he'll be safer and you'll get a good night's sleep!

    Another thing...maybe he's got a bladder problem or urinary tract infection? I hope you figure all this out...vets are thieves with money and it just sucks when the pets can't show you what's up with them...

  3. He is training you to do what he wants, and since he is gone that long he is hunting critters and messing around. when Jake gets up not his scheduled time, i firmly say lay down, 3 times is necessary sometimes. and he will. unless Dakota is ill there is no reason to go out at night. he has learned the behavior to get to have fun outside in the dark and has trained you to do it. I say just don't do it. it will take a few days to break him of his new habit. our first dog slept on the bed, the next 3 were trained to stay off the bed.. Jake comes to the side like Dakota and nudges the bed with his head.... if you continue to get up when he ask it will get more. it is like a new baby that gets its days/nights messed up. you are the alpha in the relationship, so tell him what he can't do

  4. Awww on that shot. That's so adorable. I'm glad you captured it too.

    I haven't a clue about the night time antics. I've never had a dog that did that. I hope someone will weigh in on this.

    Have a fabulous day. Scritches to Dakota and Lily. ♥

  5. That is a very cool sharing photo! Poor Dakota is working hard on training you up right!


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