Friday, May 11, 2018

Furbabes Loving the Deck Life

They love the deck

Of course Dakota will be up 
next to mom
on the glider and Lily,
well Lily is all over 
the place!

Right now she has taken 
over the box
from the shed that 
I need to go

We have two cats that 
walk through the yard,
a black and white one
and another cream sort
of looking cat.
Not sure where they live
but they manage to include
my yard in their path.
Drives the furbabes
crazy! Esp. like the other
day when the black and 
white decided to hang 
under the deck...



  1. You have two adorable babies. Yes indeed. Our babies never like intruders in their space.

    I linked this post to Feline Friday.

    Have a woof woof and purrfect day and weekend. ♥

  2. Dakota is so happy with MOM... and Lily does love her a box or bag or anything at all. except of course neighbor cats wandering through her yard

  3. They are cute. Our little dog sits in the window and barks at everyone and every pet that walks by! Have a nice weekend.

  4. Cute! Our cats have to stay indoors, there are too many dangers here for them and when I try to let them out on my porch they try to scratch through the screen the little buggers!

  5. they both look very comfy. And of course she's going to lay on the box that you tell her you want to go through. It's like laying on a book you're reading. Just wants to let you know she is paying attention to what you're doing.

  6. Oh now that's some serious cozy comfy happy!


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