Thursday, May 17, 2018

Dakota and Lily - Sweetness

I have business downtown this morning
so Dakota is going to Granny's for
a play date with her dogs,
Molly, Klohe, and Cheyenne. 

I have not told him yet. He will be
so excited. Isn't he so handsome
in his bandanna? 

Lily however will be staying home,
in the house.

If I am only going to be gone an
hour or so I leave her on the deck.
This morning however we have had 
two neighbor cats under the
deck and I don't want to 
chance he ripping a screen to get
off if they return.

This is her yesterday after vegging
on the deck all day. 
Worn out.

I love those legs stretched out there in 
front of her like that.


  1. Your kitty is sweet and looks like she is doing a Yoga pose and your doggie looks handsome yet very contemplative ~ love them both! xxx

    Happy Day to you,
    C & Z

  2. lily has the best of both worlds, a comy house and a porch... she looks so sweet and not many dogs have their own grandma to visit

  3. A play date with friends. How fun and Lily can have the house to herself. Even better.

    Have a woof woof and purrfect day. My best to your mom. ♥

  4. It amazes me how just stretching their legs or turning around to get all comfy with that weird head thing they do is adorable and I'm sure Lily doesn't want to join the pooch parade.
    Yes, Dakota looks quite handsome in his patriotic scarf.

  5. Animals can sure be a joy, and a pain. I hope you find a solution for Dakota's behavior especially. Ugh... The fact Lily will eat peas blows my mind. Take care!


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