Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Dogs, and Cats

In my post on my other
blog today I showed
a sample of the 
ornaments I 
am working on for 
and like I have mentioned
before, Dakota loves
to be close to his

Pic photo bombed by Dakota's 
lower half!

 Speaking on needing to be 
near his mom...

The other day while we were
doing our walk
around the backyard
trip I sat down in
one of the chairs in the yard.
Dakota, jumped up and sat
on the table between 
both chairs!
Thinking the chair might
have been a big
more comfortable but
no, he wanted to be near me!

Back on the deck....

Squirrel watching!
Both the cat and the 
rat terrier!

I love that these two
love to be close
to each other.

I mentioned yesterday that I 
made Lily a sitting spot
at the other end of the deck.
Here she is trying it out.

She was checking out the 
stray cat.

Back a month or so ago I could
not figure out why Lily
would go to the far end (other side)
of the deck and peer through the 
slats. Then I realized.

This babe tends to wander 
under the neighbors deck and
comes out on my side.
Lily spotted it the other day and 
actually followed it from one
end to the other through the slats till
they came out on the other end.

I looked out and saw the babe above
sneaking out from under
my deck.
I spoke and it looked up
and spoke back!

Not sure about this babe. Not sure
if it lives up the street or
if it is indeed a feral cat.
I tried to get close to it the other
day and it ran. 
I am saddened to say though that
we have not seen it going on
day 4 now. I hope it is ok.

The furbabes hope you have a great day.


  1. You sweet critters sure have a fun time!

  2. Doesn't it make you feel so loved. My Butchy is a sweetie, but the dog I had before him was Ginger and she was the same way as your Dakota . . . she had to be near me always. I couldn't go to the bathroom without her sitting outside the door waiting for me to come out :) That's love!

  3. You may have just scared the babe and that's why it's not around. They tend to shy away from places if they get scared there.

    Your babies are ever so cute.

    Have a purrfect and woof woof day you two. My best to your mom. ♥

  4. always fun to watch your fur babes.. Dakota looks adorable on his perch

  5. Do love your furbabes and they are just so good with each other. Take care Diane

  6. I wish my cats were this close. ~sigh~ At least they don't fight, but Tilly and Jezebel don't hang out together as much as they once did. And they didn't seem to care when my sweet Luna didn't return from the vet years ago. Brats. ~grin~ Be well, you cuties!


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