Monday, April 15, 2019

The Fight

Interesting morning...

it actually started Sat. night
when I was met at the 
door with bags in my hand
and four dogs greeting me.

However, someone must have
stepped on someones paws cause
all of a sudden there was a
free for all.

Cheyenne bring Queen Bee


There was growling, biting and 
I could not get them apart.
Hands were full and they were
going at it so bad I was
afraid to get in the middle.

When I finally managed (after
the worst) got them
apart Cheyenne I realized
got the worst of the beating.

K managed to put a hole in C's
ear, and cut the edge. I thought 
that was it but I guess not.

C acted strange all day yesterday 
and when we went to bed last
night she got under the bed
and stayed all night, not coming
out at all.

This morn, I had to move the 
bed and get her out.
We just came in from the vets.
She apparently strained her
neck. We left with 
antibiotics andd anti-
inflammatory. Dr. King
found a wound on the back
above the tail also. 

Needless to say, I am going to 
work late. But right now, sitting
here chilling and going with the flow...
waiting to see what life and 
the universe has in store for
me next.

Took Dakota to the vet
also and he got 
his stitches out. 


  1. the one bright thing I see in this story is that Dakota did not get hurt in the melee.. hope all are doing well, and I know you heart is heavy from so much these past few months and fighting dogs are not at the top of your happy list.. poor pups, feel bad for all of you

  2. Oh no, I hope they learn the pack rules, especially rule #22, not biting n' fighting.

  3. I too am glad Dakota didn't get in the middle of this. Too bad this happened. I hope this works itself out for the better and soon.

    Have a good day, my friend. ♥

  4. Ooops, hope that does not happen again. Lucky it was not worse and glad you did not get bitten by mistake in the process. Take care Diane


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