Friday, April 26, 2019

The Tail

Lily loves this time of yr
when she can lay around
on the deck and talk
to the birds.

The other day after hanging around
on the deck she came in and 
went under the cover on the 
couch. She normally don't do 
this. A little later
Cheyenne jumped up between
Lily and I. Cheyenne
had no clue that Lily was
laying under the cover next
to her until I heard
Chey yelp, she jumped
and I realized that Lily 
stuck her paw out and was
messing with Chey!

Sometimes she can be a 
bottom end!!


  1. ha ha on the bottom end... also to cute

  2. She is so cute and such a good sport!

  3. LOL she is such a character. Love her. Keep well Diane


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