Monday, April 30, 2018

Lily - Alone for the First Time

Dakota is 11 and he has been with
me since he was 6 months.
I used to take trips with work for a 
couple nights at a time and then
I would fly to Calif. to visit my son.
Dakota has always stayed with my mom
and I know he is well cared for.

But oh my, what to do with Lily?
Leave her home.....

I so hated to do that and I worried about
her so much but thanks
to T (Theresa) who went over 
everyday to feed her and spend
time with her.

This pic is Thursday night when 
Theresa went to check on her (her
first night alone). She looks pissed but
I also know this is her "I just woke up"

T said that once she was awake she was
BUSY....that is T's word for wild! haha

The next evening, Friday, T went over
and sat on the deck with Lily.
 The text read, 
"Lily may or may not be drinking a
beer with me"!
This pic was included.

But Lily seems to be able to balance
pretty well so maybe it was 
just T having the beer!

In the evening when T got to the house
this is how she was greeted!

Sat. night I was sent this pic....Lily
chilling in her play tunnel. 

I felt so much better knowing that 
T was there to care for her.
Thanks T for caring for Lily
and for texting me pics 

A few weeks ago I told my mom that 
I was sending Lily back where I got
her from cause she never showed
me that she was happy to see me.
haha....but if Dakota
has been gone she always greets
But this time.....I have gotten head butts,
nose butts, rubbing on me to mark me, 
love nibbles and loving all around!
She greeted me when I got home by
watching me get out of the car
from her perch at the window. 
Before I could get the door unlocked
she was meowing at the door.
I went in and she nose butted my
legs before I was in the door good!
Think I will keep her!

Still getting loving this morn.

Dakota was out at mom's when I pulled up 
yesterday evening. He was so excited,
jumping and wagging his tail. 
True to form, he always shows
me that he misses me and loves me.

We are on the deck with coffee this morn...
like old times, Dakota is next to me
on the glider and Lily is watching 

There is NO PLACE
like HOME!


  1. I agree on the no place like home, this is such a sweet story and I love the photo of the shadows on the wall ... so glad Lily did ok while you were gone.

  2. I'm glad both of your babies showed how much they loved and missed you. It's a wonderful thing.

    I'm linking this post to Awww Mondays.

    Have a fabulous day. Scritches to your precious babies. ♥

  3. Good for Lily, maybe the beer mellowed her out a bit!

  4. Aww ~ so hard to leave our pets ~ Lily is a sweetie ~ No place like home is sooooo right!

    Happy Week to you,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  5. Glad you are back and that the furbabes are well. Cats quite often do not show affection like a dog does. They also often are quite aloof when one returns home after a break as much as to say how dare you leave me! T must have done an excellent job and she was obviously well cared for which is why she was delighted to see you again. Take care and have a good week Diane

  6. I am in love with Lily. How sweet of your friend to check on Lily so that she could stay home in familiar surroundings. She looks content and well cared for by T. Glad you are back home getting love from both your babies.

  7. Lily is so pretty! We're glad that T was able to take such good care of her while you were away! Thank you for visiting our blog yesterday. Yes, Isabella is a Tortie!

    Isabella and Angel

  8. This morning my oft aloof old kitty Jezebel got on the bed where I lay reading (rare these days with all my time spent writing), sat on my book, and started licking my hands and arms. She touched noses with me, too, so it's about more than what I suspect is somehow tasty body lotion. ??? Goofy cat. You have doll babies. Enjoy!

  9. Awww! No place like home indeed!! I love when our pets go insane when we come back home...even if we're only gone half an hour, they flip out lol...I'm so glad Lily was okay on her own...I would have been worried too! :) I'm so late visiting! :)


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