Sunday, April 22, 2018

A Day With The Furbabes

All you folks that have had cats
know that they love to get in
things. It still amazes me what Lily
finds comfortable to get in...

The paper recycle carrier!

Yesterday it was so pretty out but 
I was running on empty so I just
wanted to take it easy. 

I curled up on the glider to nap with
my two furbabes on the deck with me.

I went out into the yard and goofed off
a bit, I had my trusty side kick with me!


Although I was sitting on the ground he took
a chair! haha
He don't know he is a dog!

I am used to Dakota begging, he has done
it all is life but Lily Bit don't beg......
or at least not for anything other
than banana!

She sees me pick one up and start to
peel it back, she is there, sitting at my
feet watching. I can almost see the moisture
dripping from her lips!

I have to bite pieces off to give her.

I love my furbabes...they are 


  1. They're so cute. I surprised myself, actually working in the garden yesterday! That reminds me, I should probably water the newly seeded flower bed. ~grin~ Hope you're feeling well today!

  2. Furbabies are amazing. They are wonderful family members. We sure miss our Little Bit.

    Have a woof woof and purrfect day you two. My best to your mom. ♥

  3. Hey, comfy is in the paw of the beholder!

  4. You are lucky with two lovely furbabes that love each other as well as you, ♥ Take care Diane

  5. i have never had a cat, we did have one for a few days, but i don't count that. but i don't remember hearing my cat friends say anything about cats loving bananas, but then we do think Lily might be part dog, right?


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