Sunday, April 15, 2018

Beautiful 80 Degree Day

Two days ago we were sitting at 
80 degrees, cool breeze and NO humidity and 
 today our high will be in the mid 50's!

As it was Lily, Dakota and I 
enjoyed a few hours on the deck when
the temps felt so good. 
Lily loves to watch the birds 
flying around the yard. 

While Lily watches the wildlife
Dakota takes it easy on the glider.

Lily still stands alert as the 
birds come to the feeder in the 
tree next to the deck.

And Dakota wishes I would stop
taking pics of him.
Bless his heart, he has gotten so grey.

I called to Lily and she jerks around 
like I am disturbing her!

If you notice she has a bell on.
Months ago when she was a little thing
I bought her that collar but she was
not having a lot to do with it.
Plus after listening to others I decided
that maybe she did not need it, fear of
her getting caught on something while I was
not home. She is strong enough to break it
loose these days but I only have it on her
when I am home....still a little
 nervous about

Seems to be getting a bit bored
with the birds right now.

She is up under the chair that goes with 
my little table.

 I actually think she knows I am taking
her pic and she is posing for me!

Dakota gave it up and decided to nap.

Thought I would had some pics of
my other furbabe that I took on 
that 80 degree temp day.
She was out in the pasture.

I love her sporting that purple halter!
Course red would have looked good on 
her but being that purple was
my fav color, I made it hers also.

Hoping you have a nice day,


  1. love the purple halter and all the horse/cat/dog pics are happy time to me... the watcher Lily is priceless

  2. Is Dakota fighting sleep where it looks like his eyes are rolling up in his head? That and the head under the blanket made me giggle. You have a lovely horse and kitty, too, my dear. Thank you for your kind and generous heart. Oh, and about collars, I stopped bothering when the girls stayed in full time, but used the breakaway collars when they were wearing them. It's just an alteration on the buckle which a good tug will release. Gave us peace of mind in those days. Be well!

  3. Lovely pictures and what a great temperature. We have a long way to go to get to 80F! Take care and enjoy the weather Diane

  4. One day 80 degrees here and the next is 50 and drizzly. I hope it stays nice where you are. Crazy weather. I love the purple halter also on such a beautiful horse. I can't ride, my husband likes to. I love seeing nothing more than a field or pasture of horses grazing. Peaceful sight to see.

  5. Those are all wonderful photos and we have had that same weird roller coaster weather here.

  6. Awesome photos! We can hardly wait until we get warm weather, too. Maybe even next weekend!

  7. All three of those furbabes are just gorgeous! Jack is getting gray too, sigh...we all age don't we?


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