Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Not Feeling Well

Dakota tends to get tummy upsets
from time to time I contribute this to 
his not chewing his food. He
opens mouth and inhales!
He always has. It helps if I 
mix pumpkin in his food but for 
reason I have slacked on that.
Yesterday his tummy had the whines, and 
grunts and groans!
He did not eat lunch till late in the 
evening and laid around more so than
usual. He tends to lay around with 
me when I am down but yesterday
it was more about him.

With that I have noticed that Lily
sort of plays off Dakota and 
I. One day last week I was down
and both babes laid around with me.
Yesterday however, like I said, you could
tell Dakota was not laying around
due to me, it was more him and 
I noticed Lily did not have the 
pick up and go she normally has.

Do your animals tend to mimick
your behavior?


  1. Yes, Jake does. he reads me like a book, sad, mad, upset, sick what ever he knows it... hope your babies are not sick. I give Jake Pumpkin, a tablespoon in his bowl when we get up, it is his appetizer for breakfast. will Dakota eat it out of the can? it keeps Jake ok because he swallows his food whole to

  2. I think our babies do take on whatever mood we're in. They are trying to make up feel better and that's a good thing.

    Have a fabulous day you two. My best to your mom. ♥

  3. We used to have a gold retriever who "inhaled" her food too! Dogs are like that, I think, but cats are much fussier - at least ours is. She refuses to eat any cheap food or anything that's been in her bowl for longer than 10 minutes - yet I've seen her eating spiders and flies! Go figure.

  4. Awww... I hope you both are feeling good as possible today. I know you're best days are more like my worst. ~hugs~ Jezebel, who is not a lap cat, got in my lap very pointedly when I was sobbing about something (I forget what) many years ago. Tilly, meanwhile, is all about trying to get her 'dad' off his computer and on the couch for her to snuggle. She cries so obnoxiously he sometimes uses an air can to chase her out of the room. Silly girl.

  5. I hope Dakota feels better soon!

  6. We sure hope Dakota feels better soon, tummy problems are no fun.

  7. Poor Dakota. :( He's like Jack, inhales without the thought of taste or chewing.

    All of our pets are like that. When one of us feels sick or down, they are all milling around us constantly and they lose their energy quickly. I've really noticed that a lot, especially with the dogs.

  8. Hope you are all well again by now. Diane


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