Saturday, June 16, 2018

Innocent Faces

Look at those faces!
So sweet, so innocent...
yeah, right!

Dakota don't get into things like he used
to when he was a pup but
Lily on the other hand is a different

You see, if you read my blog today you
know that there has been 
a lot of things spilled on 
my kitchen floor, however with that
being said, it is usually me that 
does the spilling!

Notice almond bag, not sealed
back like it should have been.

This is what can happen with 
Lily around.

Course that just goes to show that
she DOES still get on the 
counter tops when I am not 


Now the funny part of all this is,
when I went in the kitchen to find this,
Lily just looked at me like she was
saying, "what" as I got onto
her. I then told Dakota that she
was his pet and he needed to watch
her better at what point he decided
it was time to shake his head...
in a no manner!

What has your pet gotten into


  1. Yet they are worth the few messes they make. I so remember.

    Have a woof woof and purrfect day. My best to your wonderful mom. ♥

  2. jake doesn't get into things but baby sure did. she ate my drivers license, cost 38 dollars to get a ndw one, ate a check for 126.00 that my dad mailed me, chewed the corners off ONLY bob's books, never mind.. Jake has been eyeing the silly caridnal couple that is either in a nest or building one in our bush.. forget the adorable faces in the first photo, LOOK AT THE PAWS... love them

  3. So cute! So innocent :) love the post Pam.

  4. So cute! I think the question is more like what have they NOT gotten into...Jack somehow got the garbage open and ate half a corn cob...kind of scary because cobs don't digest in their stomachs. I was afraid of an intestinal blockage, but the puppy with iron insides won out. SIX days after he ate the cob, he threw up a big piece, my gosh...he doesn't believe in CHEWING sometimes. I doubled the booby traps and bungee cords on the garbage can since!

  5. He looks like he is holding her down in the photo LOL. Take care Diane

  6. That picture is so adorable! I'm sorry about the wasted almonds. That's a shame. Hope you're having an up day!

  7. Hey you two, we love that photo and I'm sure the counter surfing was lots of fun!


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