Wednesday, June 27, 2018

My Furbabes - Oh How I Love Them

Due to a wicked sounding thunderstorm this
morning I was awake earlier than normal. Don't get
me wrong, I can sleep through those storms but
poor Dakota was having a fit. I 
got him under the cover and held him
till it past. 

Lily on the other hand noticed the sound of 
thunder but it don't bother her.

Last night while I was in the livingroom I
heard Lily jump off the bed then I head a meow,
sort crying panic meow.
I called to her and told her I was downstairs
and here she comes bouncing down the stairs...
meowing the whole way.
I figure she had a nightmare and woke not
being able to find mom.
I picked her up and was able to love
on her, getting several nose butts along
the way.

This morning after the storms past I 
laid down on the couch and went back 
asleep. This is so off from our normal morn
where I fix coffee and Dakota, Lily and I go 
to the deck. Before I laid back down I opened
the door to let Lily out.

Sleeping I hear this short loud meow
as she comes bopping in the livingroom...
her way of telling me she wants me outside
with her. Now that I have come out and sat
a bit, I am free to go in and do anything without
her calling me out on it but she just knew
our morning did not start like it was
supposed to and she wanted me to change that.

Furbabes....bring me so much love.


  1. They do bring tons of love. They make you smile. They make your heart happy.

    Have a fabulous day. Scritches to your babies. ♥

  2. I can relate totally, Jake wants us out if he is out, in if he is in, when he wants to sleep he wants one of us IN THAT ROOM and he will not stop pestering until we do what he wants.

  3. Oh yes they do bring us love! My big dog shakes pitiful when he hears thunder. Ps. I have had brain fog so my late answer....Cedartown is a few hours from us. I hear it’s pretty. I don’t remember me going there??

  4. Poor Dakota...our Marlene and Oscar the cat are terrified of loud noises...Lily is training you I see lol ;)

  5. Poor Dakota, so many dogs are frightened of storms. Hope all is well again. Diane

  6. You have two adorable cutie pies!!!!! Dogs are really afraid of storms... Glad you were there to 'protect' him.... ha


  7. Mostly all animals gets frightened for heavy sounds like thunder, crackers. Not only animals even me sometimes get frightened for the sound:)


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