Saturday, December 1, 2018

Dakota and Lily Bit Making for an Interesting Night

Oh my gosh....
it was an interesting night. 

Dakota woke me at 1:30am to go to the 
bathroom. Some nights he will stay out
for 20 or 30 mins and I usually sit on the 
couch waiting for him. Last night I must
have been really tired cause I curled
up on the couch and went to sleep. 

20 mins later I woke to Dakota 
knocking on the screen, or should I 
say hitting the door. 
I woke and stumpled to the door, 
unlatched the screen and let him in.
I went back to the couch, covered up 
with my throw and went back to sleep.

I woke ten mins later to a loud 
Usually if Lily is upstairs and wakes
she meows out loud, checking to see
if I am around. So I yelled upstairs
to tell her to come down. 
Dakota however started running around 
in the livingroom and heading to the 
front door. I figured he must have tummy
issues and needed to go out again.
I was going to let him out and 
then go find Lily.

I opened the front door and out 
runs a furball. HAHA
I apparently in my sleep state shut her
between the door and screen. 
Luck was with me cause I latched the
screen back before shutting the door.
My screen does not latch on its own when
shut so to keep it shut, I have use a hook and 
eye latch I installed years ago. Good thing
I did cause if I had not, Lily would have
gotten out and I probably would have
lost her, not knowing where or how she
got out. 


This morning the adventure continues.
This is the area my washer and dryer is in, 
and on the side of the washer, is the opening to
under my stairs. I blocked that area off to keep
some furball from jumping over and getting lost.
However this morn she jumped over
the board I have there. Usually I have a 
kindergarten mat on top of the board but
someone pushed it out of the way.

I heard her when she jumped down, I 
knew where she was. I kept hearing her
moving around so I decided to go rescue
her. I found her in this box.

A box that was empty and stored back there. 

And Dakota sleeps....haha


  1. glad she did not get out that door, that is really scary. watch them both closely when outside. we have had several cats and dogs killed by coyotes here, one just 2 blocks from us, he got there cat. a lady up by tampa lost her chihuahua to one and the coyote nearly took her finger off when she fought it.

  2. Now that's really some adventure time!

  3. Glad that Lily did not get out in the night, you would have been in a real state to have found her missing!! A somwhat disturbed night! Keep well Diane

  4. Oh, my! You're lucky. My cats, for whatever reason, stay silent when locked in a closet or bedroom. ~shakes head~ I don't understand that, the silly goofs. Even my sweet, deceased Luna didn't meow the time she got shut up overnight. And, of course, she peed on the floor. ~sigh~ Be well!


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