Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Black and White - Such a Delight

I love Dakota.
He is my best bud.
He is spoiled rotten.
He is self centered and
he can be a total
pain in my back side.
But I love him so much.

He turned 11 in Feb.
He still plays with Lily
but he sleeps more
than he used to. 
He sticks to me like glue
and although he loves to go, 
he loves to visit mom's, he don't
want me to leave him.

I leave Lily at home a lot 
on dry days and take 
Dakota with me to the barn. 
But ....he gets there and he
is ready to go.

I hate seeing and knowing he
is getting older. 
When I was pregnant with my
daughter Amber, 38 yrs ago my ex
and I had a dog, Pepper.
It killed me after 15 yrs ot have her
put down and until Dakota 11
yrs ago, I refused to have another
one. Dakota was not my choice,
I did not want a dog. I did 
not want an animal.

Amber thought that Caleb needed
a dog. Caleb cared less. But then
6 months later they moved and could not
have a dog. I was to keep 
Dakota (6 months old) till they
found him a home.
You see where he ended up living.
He was the best thing for me
and I like to think I was the best thing
for him.

With all that said.....here is
my bud sleeping on the other
end of the couch.

He never knew I took his pic~!!!


  1. Dakota is deep in la la land.. BOL..... we feel the same love and fret over the coming of the end

  2. We lost our Little Bit October 2015. She was just a few days shy of 13. She was a big dog and we babied here to keep her as healthy as we could. We are still dealing with the loss. I so get this. It's a pain that is horrible. They embed themselves into our hearts and then live there forever.

    Have a blessed day. Scritches to your babies. ♥

  3. Always difficult as any animal gets older, you know the chances of you out living them are pretty good. My last dog which we had in Africa, who we got from the shelter aged around 2 years old, he drowned in the swimming pool at about 18 years old. I cried for days and never knew how it happened, he had lived with a pool all the time we had him so I am presuming he had a heart attack hopefully before he fell in and not after. Take care Diane


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